5 Ways To Ease Post-Workout Muscle Soreness

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Have you recently started exercising? Or have you gone for a hike or any long-distance run? Well, if yes, then you must have experienced some post-workout pain. This post-workout is nothing but delayed onset muscle soreness. When you perform an exercise after a long time, your body is not used to such an exertion or activity causing muscle soreness. It is not something to worry about. Rather it indicates that your muscles are in movement and are getting used to your workout sessions. Also, it occurs after around 12-48 hours. Apart from this, the pain that you feel while you workout or immediately right after the workout is called acute muscle soreness. 

Ways to Ease Muscle Soreness

There is no set pattern of rules or any shortcuts to get relief from muscle soreness. Recovering muscle soreness takes time but you can adopt certain strategies that will help to reduce the pain.

Eat Right Diet

You need to plan a healthy diet for yourself. Protein helps to repair the muscles and carbohydrates provide the energy to perform the exercises. Also, healthy fats act as a lubricant for the joints. So, plan your diet wisely.

Warm-Up Before Exercise

Before performing any exercise, you must warm up your body. Arm circles, arm swings, jogging, and heel-to-toe walks are some of the warm-up exercises that you must perform before exercises. This helps to increase the blood flow and prepares your body for the upcoming exercises. 


Muscle soreness can be reduced by massaging the area affected. It helps the muscles relax and further enhances blood flow to the area, leading to a speedy recovery.

Continue Your Workout Session Daily

Don’t pause your workout session due to muscle soreness as it won’t benefit you at all. Continue performing light exercises as they will help your body recover and get used to the workout. 


Last but not least, keep your body hydrated. Dehydration severely affects the recovery of muscles, so to reduce the muscle soreness make sure to intake eight ounces of water daily. 

No matter how fit you are, DOMS can happen anytime you challenge your body. So, you can resort to the above-mentioned strategies to get relief. But in case you have severe muscle soreness and not getting relief for days then you can go for Chiropractic Care in Mission Viejo as well. It will reduce any inflammation and soreness in the muscles. For more details contact us at Sheets Chiropractic Center