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What Our Patients Say…

What others say about our Mission Viejo chiropractic practice can help you make the right health care choice. Check out a selection of Sheets Chiropractic Center patient testimonials below and please email me if you have any questions. Yours In Health, Dr. Todd Sheets

A true life saver! I walked in crooked and wincing in pain…BUT I walked out normal and still feel excellent this evening! Plus I got helpful tips! Highly Recommended! -Pam L.

Wonderful Visit

It was a wonderful visit. Friendly receptionist and the doctor was very friendly. -Ana P.

Today was my first appointment and I was very pleased! They were on time and very professional. Dr. Sheets is very knowledgeable and friendly. I can’t wait for my next appointment! – Tina M.

Feeling Refreshed and Pain Free

Dr. Sheets took time to understand my issues and immediately went to work. I left his office feeling refreshed and pain free. He also provide me simple exercises to strengthen my back. -Cory N.

Terrific practice – the best organized office I’ve been to. Highly recommend! -Susan R.

I See A Difference After Just Two Visits!

You’re the first person to listen to my symptoms and help set me on the path to recovery. I was an active person (swim, kickboxing, roller derby) but the pain and numbness was so intense I had to stop. Physical therapists, primary, and other specialists constantly ignored the car accident and blamed me for not knowing what being sore after a workout feels like and gave me stretches to do at home. Simple stretches were painful but I thought I was helping at least a little so I endured through the burning splitting pain along my spine. It took 8 years to get my functioning body back, just two visits in I already see a difference. Thank you!! -Lauren N.

Thorough Help

Great experience on the first two visits, like the helpful hints on stretching, etc. -David W.


I appreciate the friendly, informal approach, the effort taken to explain treatments as well as prognosis, and the overall enthusiasm that the Dr. has toward helping the patient. I am encouraged by this! -Bob W.


Dr. Sheets and his staff are amazing! -Annika G.

Pleasant Experience

I found Dr. Sheets and his staff to be very friendly and helpful. My first visit was a pleasant experience. -Lucille K.

Lower Back Pain Helped

They called back within 15 minutes of me leaving a message at their closing time on a Saturday! I don’t know what I would have done without Dr. Sheets – my hero! It took a couple of visits, but I’m almost back to normal… never had such bad lower back pain… hopefully never will again, but if I do, I know Dr. Sheets will be there for me. -Diana F.

Pinched Nerve And Sciatic Nerve Pain

I highly recommend Dr. Sheets! I saw him several years ago and he fixed my pinch nerve in my right arm! Nobody else could help me! I’m back again with severe sciatic nerve pain and he has already helped me through half our visits! He is wonderful and caring and I’ll never go elsewhere when I’m in pain! -Stephanie F.

A BIG Thanks!

A BIG thanks to Dr. Sheets! My husband was in a lot of pain with new onset sciatica and he called back personally and saw him that very hour! He gave him treatment and a plan of care that is very encouraging. We also noticed how friendly and helpful the staff is, and the caring nature of everyone at the office. We will forever be grateful! -Lisa M.

Patient And Gentle!

Dr. Sheets thanks for being patient and gentle. You are the best! -Sunita K.

Very Helpful!

Dr. Sheets adjustment was very helpful. The stiffness and pain in my neck for the most part is entirely gone and I’m feeling much better. I’ve been trying to make time to schedule another appointment as I can still hear/feel a little “creakiness” at times. Thank you for helping. -Harry J.

I personally feel that Dr. Sheets is the very best!!!

As an actress in Hollywood, I have a lot of long hours on my feet working on various TV shows & FILMS, but I know that any suffering from aching back or neck will cease once I get a treatment from Dr. Sheets. He has such a special, gentle technique which allows my back & neck to adjust with no aggressiveness. NO OTHER DR COULD DO THIS IN THE PAST. THANKS & KUDOS to DR. SHEETS!!!. – Yelp

Very detailed and skilled

Dr. Sheets has been treating me for over a year now and I found him to be very detailed and skilled at getting the adjustments and movements I needed to relieve the pain in my neck and back. I would recommend him highly to anyone that is looking for a good Chiropractor. The office staff is great, they also have an MD available and great massage therapists to further relax your muscles after your session with Dr. Sheets. – Yelp

Feel better each day!

I was in need of an adjustment so I went through the fliers I receive in mailings and I came across Sheets Chiropractic. I called and made an appointment and very happy I did!. The office staff is very helpful in answering questions, courteous and friendly. The waiting area is very clean and the facility is kept very clean and organized as well. Since this is the first impression you have when entering any office I was relieved and I knew I was in the right place. Dr. Sheets makes you feel comfortable. He takes his time to review the options and explains it to you. Very patient, good listener, clear, kind, and makes u feel safe. Refreshing experience and after my first adjustment not only would I use him again – I am continuing under his care and feel better and better each day! One of the best Chiropractic experiences ever. If not the best! Recommend you meet him prior to selecting a Chiropractor in his field. Well worth the visit. – Yelp

Back Problem

“Dr. Sheets restored my faith in his profession. I had seen several MD & Chiropractors for my condition w/no improvement what so ever. I’m glad I found Dr. Sheets, he fixed my back problem & I am now normal again after having back issues for over 2 yrs. Dr. Sheets is the greatest chiropractor in OC.” – RateMD

Top Care

“Dr. Sheets is one of the best Chiropractors in Orange County.” – RateMD

Migraine Headache

“Best Chiropractor in Mission Viejo, Ca. After experiencing migraine headaches for 28 years and going to every medical doctor in the Mission Viejo area, I finally found relief at Dr. Sheets’ office. Within a month of treatment I was no longer having migraines 3 times a week. It has been 6 months since I have had a single migraine. His 30 years of experience helped in my difficult case. I would highly recommend Dr. Sheets, he is an amazing chiropractor.” – YellowBot

Stiff Neck

“Dr. Sheets is the greatest! My family doctor recommended him to me. Because of my job, I sit all day at a computer and was suffering from headaches, a stiff neck, and low back pains. Dr. Sheets was easy to talk to and understood my problems. Now, after several weeks of adjustments, my headaches are gone and I can actually walk without discomfort. He takes his time to give me a good adjustment and makes me feel important. In addition, he has several people on staff who give great relaxing massages. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.”

Neck and Back Pain

When I first met Dr. Sheets and his office manager I was welcomed and greeted with utmost professionalism. My neck and back had been an issue and concern that I of course was putting of thinking I was just sore or my body would get better soon. Well, thanks to Dr. Sheets and his excellent manipulation and variety of techniques my neck and back have never felt better. Dr. Sheets is outstanding, kind, and very personable. He makes you very relaxed and always ends his session with his patients by telling them that “everytime you come in, you will began to feel relief”. Dr. Sheets is the greatest. – Google Reviews

Professional and Friendly

Dr. Sheets is a fantastic chiropractor! He was been working on myself, my mother and father and all three of us are in much better condition thanks to Dr. Sheets’ techniques. We have been going to him for years now and each time we always get positive results. Dr. Sheets is very professional, kind and friendly. If it wasn’t for his amazing work, we’d all be in a lot of pain. Everyone at the practice is great! – Google Reviews

Sciatica and Back Pain

I came to Dr. Sheets as an emotionally and physically “last ditch effort” to relieve sciatica and excruciating back pain. I had already been to the ER, taken months of pain medications, 2 epidurals and seen an orthopedic surgeon who only wanted to do surgery, but I had always been skeptical of chiropractic care. When I got to Dr. Sheets office I could not even bare to walk and could not stand up straight. Dr. Sheets showed a rare and genuine concern for what was happening to me. He treated me with patience, compassion and care. He has literally got me on my feet again. Not only has he treated me, but Dr. Sheets has taken the time to educate me on the benefits of chiropractic care as a form of preventative, holistic health care. I no longer need to take pain medication to get through my day, I am back exercising and having fun with my daughters. I plan to be pro-active with my health and continue my chiropractic care with Dr. Sheets. I am so grateful and most definitely a big believer! Thank you Dr. Sheets! – Google Reviews

Relieves Back Pain

Dr. Sheets is seriously the best chiropractor in Orange County! I have severe scoliosis and tend to need to be adjusted frequently, and Dr.Sheets relieves my back pain instantly! He is so patient, and caring. He takes his time ( which i LOVE ) using hot packs at first to help loosen my muscles and continuing to stretch and prepare my back for the adjustment. Sheets is honestly the best doctor I’ve seen my whole life! And that’s a lot to say considering I’ve been to 1000+ chiropractors from Ohio to California! thank you Doctor Sheets for all your loving , caring and hard work!!! – Google Reviews

Professionals, Listens, And Does a Great Job!

Suddenly, I couldn’t move the right side of my my neck and needed a good chiropractor. I was a little reluctant because my previous doctor was so good but doesn’t practice anymore. I went on the Internet and found Dr. Sheets. I’m glad that I did. After several adjustments I am so much better. He is very professional, listens, and does a great job. His staff is excellent too. In a couple of months I am going back to see if he can help with a knee injury that I got 10-12 years ago. No one else has been able to help so I am going to give him a try. – Google Reviews

20 Years of Pain

Dr. Sheets is the best!!! I’ve had back pain for almost half my life. Medical doctors always frowned on me going to a chiropractor so it was never an option in my mind. I’m glad I went against the grain and made an appointment to visit Dr. Sheets. My first adjustment after more than 20 years of pain! I’ve now had a handful of visits and can already notice a difference. My back isn’t as stiff and I can feel that I have better movement in my back. I can’t thank Dr. Sheets enough for his services. I will refer anybody who has any kind of pain in their back to him. A THOUSAND THANK YOU’s!!! – Google Reviews

Caring, Honesty and Integrity

Dr. Sheets is a very caring chiropractor who truly listens to his patients. He takes time with each patient, and makes them feel like a person, not a number. I have seen first hand patients walking in the office in pain and Dr. Sheets has helped each one. I appreciate his honesty and integrity which is why he is the ONLY Chiropractor I will see and refer to. – Google Reviews

Neck, Headaches, Elbow And Back Pain

In every cloud there is a silver lining. My car accident caused me a great deal of pain in my lower back, right arm and neck. I decided to try chiropractic to help my situation and I did some research on the internet to find someone who had a good reputation and seemed to be the best in my area. This is how I found Sheets Chiropractic. Dr. Sheets takes a great deal of time to get to know you and understand your issues. His office staff are all like family and the most friendly front office I have ever seen. He has a very calm, gentle approach to his adjustments. I told him that no other chiropractor was able to adjust me in the past, I was just way too tight and it was impossible to get a release. He just smiled and said we will see about that. To my surprise, he got me to release on day one and many times thereafter with the most gentle, non intrusive technique. He is magical that is all I can say. My neck pain and headaches are gone, my elbow pain is gone and my back is better than it has been in 10 years! If you are looking for the best chiropractor in Orange County, give Dr. Sheets a call. After talking to many of his other patients, we all agree, Dr. Sheets is MAGIC!! – Google Reviews

Shoulder/Neck Injury

Dr Sheets, really knows his stuff, I went in with a Shoulder/Neck Injury…. 3 weeks and 5 appointments later I am 100% strong and healthy.. He is great at what he does, definitely highly recommended! – Google Reviews

Knowledgeable and Friendly

Dr. Sheets has the BEST Chiropractic and Massage Therapy office in Southern California in my opinion. He is the most knowledgeable Dr. I’ve been to. Friendly staff and new patient discounts. Can’t beat that. – Google Reviews


Amazing chiropractor in mission viejo. thanks. – Google Reviews

Gentle Yet Effective Way

Dr. Sheets is a miracle worker! By far the best Chiropractor I’ve been to. His holistic approach is by far the most effective way to treat almost any symptoms you have. Stretch Therapy and Chiropractic care is usually very uncomfortable, but Dr Sheets did it in the most gentle, yet effective way. A+++ – Google Reviews

Physical Therapy

This has got to be the best chiropractor in Mission Viejo, or possibly in the country. I visited for physical therapy and left feeling better than I have in years. The staff is super friendly, has great senses of humor, and are incredibly knowledgeable. I couldn’t see myself going anywhere else, and would easily recommend them to anyone in the area! – Google Reviews

One of A Kind Chiropractor

I went for the first time here today and am now a long term customer. Dr. Sheets is AMAZING and treated me like a person, not a number. He gave me advice on how to treat myself from home, which no other Chiropractor will do. He is truly one of a kind and not your average Dr. Thanks a million! – Google Reviews

Caring, and Extremely Understanding

In 1992 my wife and I were in a pretty bad car accident and we both ended up with severe back and neck whip lash. It was recommended that we seek chiropractic care and Dr. Sheets has been tending to our chiropractic health care for 20 years. At first, Dr. Sheets had much work to do because neither my wife and I had a cervical back spine or neck curve. I’ll never forget looking at the x-rays when Dr. Sheets explained that our straight spines were not normal, however he assured us that he would be able to correct the condition and through continuous treatments we were healed. My wife and I we live a very active life style golfing, bike riding, skiing, and hiking. We both thank Todd tremendously and he always provides us with new exercise techniques and routine treatments. Dr. Sheets is an educator to our health, caring, and extremely understanding chiropractor. I would recommend him to anyone. Want to get healthy? Go see Dr. Sheets. – Google Reviews

Care And Compassion

I was refferred to Dr Sheets after being involved in a car accident 2 and some years ago. He is an incredible Chiropractor and treats each and every one of his patients as individuals along with an abundance of care and compassion. Dr Sheets comes highly reccommended…I speak from years of experience!! Thank you Dr Sheets!!! – Google Reviews

Major Back, Neck, or Hip Pain

I have been going to Dr. Sheets for over 1 year now! He is an amazing chiropractor and friend. He truly cares about his patients health and well being. I would recommend Dr. Sheets to anyone suffering from major back, neck, or hip pain. Thank you Sheets Chiropractic! – Google Reviews