Pinched Nerve

A pinched nerve describes the sensation, but there’s more complexity to this condition.

Within your spine, the 24 movable bones protect the spinal cord while enabling normal bending and turning. Nerve roots, extending from your spinal cord at each segmental level, branch out to serve various body organs and tissues. Even a slight obstruction in these openings can impede your brain’s ability to effectively control and regulate bodily functions. Misaligned spinal bones can encroach upon these crucial nerve openings, leading to nerve irritation, commonly termed subluxation.

Two Types

    Nerve disturbances manifest in two primary ways:

  • Compressed Lesion: Known as a pinched nerve, though surprisingly rare.
  • Facilitative Lesion: Involving nerve root stretching, twisting, or chafing, often due to hard tissues impacting soft tissues.

Bones remain static without muscle movement, guided by the nervous system’s commands. An irritated nerve creates a disruptive cycle. Our role is pinpointing these spinal areas and minimizing their impact on your nervous system.

A Precise Nudge

A comprehensive examination helps identify regions where spinal bones lack proper mobility. Through chiropractic adjustments, we apply a precise nudge, enabling your body to self-correct and reduce nerve irritation.

Chiropractic care targets nervous system integrity, offering a natural approach to various health issues. Contact us to discover how chiropractic intervention can address underlying nerve issues, paving the way for improved health and well-being. Experience the natural benefits of chiropractic care by reaching out to us today.

What is the typical duration for reducing nerve irritation?

For some patients, relief can be nearly immediate, while others find that the healing process may extend over several weeks or even months. Numerous factors play a role in this healing journey. Considerations include the duration of your issue, adherence to appointments, adequate rest, exercise, nutrition, smoking habits, and overall health. Generally, within a brief period, most patients notice substantial progress, validating the completion of our recommended treatment plan.

What about my friend who experienced relief after just one visit?

While it’s accurate that occasional cases result in immediate pain relief after a single visit, this effect tends to be temporary. The absence of strengthening and retraining in the underlying muscles and soft tissues often leads to a recurrence of symptoms. Through our experience, we’ve observed that adults starting chiropractic care often carry significant structural and functional damage due to years of neglect. Thus, relying solely on a single “miracle” adjustment rarely results in lasting or permanent change.