Headaches may be common, but they shouldn’t be considered a normal part of life.

Drug Culture

While pain relievers are the standard response to headaches, our practice focuses on a more natural approach. We aim to identify and alleviate the root cause of headaches rather than merely masking the symptoms.

Hidden Cause

One prevalent cause of headaches arises from misaligned spinal bones in the neck that fail to adequately support the head. Often, individuals may not realize the reduced range of motion in their neck, yet these misalignments impact nerves, muscles, and even blood circulation to the head.

Through a comprehensive examination, we pinpoint subluxation patterns that might contribute to your headaches. Chiropractic care in Mission Viejo can be beneficial if subluxations are detected.

Compensation Reaction

Surprisingly, some individuals discover that their headaches stem from issues in their lower back! When problems occur in the lower back, the upper spine compensates by shifting the head off-center, ultimately leading to headaches.

While outcomes cannot be guaranteed, our practice boasts a remarkable success rate in treating individuals with headaches. We encourage you to connect with us and arrange a consultation.  Let’s engage in a comprehensive conversation to comprehend your unique circumstances fully. Together, we’ll explore how chiropractic care could serve as an effective, natural solution to alleviate your headaches and improve your overall well-being.

Don’t allow headaches to disrupt your life when relief might be within reach through chiropractic care.

Is the spine considered the origin of all headaches?

It’s not always the case. The three primary causes usually involve physical trauma, emotional stress, or exposure to chemical toxins. Occasionally, these factors might combine to contribute to the issue. Through our examination process, we aim to pinpoint the most probable cause(s) for better understanding and treatment.

What are the underlying causes of subluxations?

Subluxations typically stem from three fundamental sources. Physical causes encompass incidents like slips, falls, accidents, repetitive movements, and incorrect lifting techniques. Emotional factors like stress, anger, and fear can also contribute to subluxations. Additionally, chemical causes may involve exposure to substances like alcohol, drugs, preservatives, pollution, and an unhealthy diet. The pain you’re experiencing is genuine, and psychological factors contributing to pain are frequently observed. However, considering psychological causes as a “diagnosis” often occurs when healthcare providers have exhausted other potential explanations for your condition. In such instances, we have frequently discovered that undetected subluxations might be the probable underlying cause.

How many appointments are typically required?

Certain patients experience rapid improvements, while others notice a gradual reduction in symptoms over several weeks or even longer with chiropractic care. Predicting the exact timeline of improvement is impossible. Especially for chronic conditions like long-term headaches, progress might take time. We closely monitor your advancements and adjust our recommendations accordingly to ensure optimal care.

Why didn’t my medical doctor recommend chiropractic care?

A shift is occurring. Long-held prejudices and biases are yielding to research highlighting the advantages of chiropractic care. Although attitudes are slow to transform, the public’s increasing preference for alternatives to medication and surgery is prompting more medical practitioners to recommend chiropractors.