Named after its creator, Dr. James Cox, this highly effective method seamlessly merges osteopathic principles with the targeted approach inherent in chiropractic care. The resulting synergy provides a conservative solution for addressing low back and leg pain, often mitigating the necessity for surgical interventions.

What to Expect

By lying on the table, neutralizing the effects of gravity, we’re able to gently separate spinal joints and move them through a more normal range of motion. Patients find this surprisingly pleasant. We find it powerfully effective.

Anticipate a gentle, non-force adjustment procedure characterized by our distinctive table. Notably, the table’s movements facilitate spinal traction, alleviating compressed spinal discs and relieving pressure on facet joints within the spine.

The Cox Flexion-Distraction technique, a cornerstone of our practice, empowers us to position spinal joints in a more natural motion without inducing pain or exacerbating existing conditions.

As patients recline on the specialized table, gravity’s effects are neutralized, enabling the gentle separation of spinal joints and facilitating a more typical range of motion. Patients consistently report finding this experience surprisingly pleasant, underscoring its remarkable effectiveness.

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