How Prolonged Sitting Can Cause Serious Health Issues?

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Prolonged sitting has always proven to have detrimental implications on health. It significantly disrupts the functioning of the body and increases the possibility of various health risks and diseases. Heart disease, cancer problems, and diabetes are some of the chronic health issues associated with prolonged sitting. Gone are the days when these issues were more prevalent among aged people, but in today’s scenario you commonly find these health issues among youngsters, especially corporate employees. Their long working hours, constant sitting, and poor sitting postures drag them down to an unhealthy lifestyle.

Increases The Possibility Of Heart Attack

Lack of motion in the body increases the chances of heart disease or strokes. It causes stiffness in the muscles and your body starts accumulating calories more than what your body should burn daily, further affecting circulation and blood pressure, ultimately aggravating the problem. Constant sitting causes atherosclerosis, narrowing the arteries and blocking the blood flow hence increasing the possibility of heart attack.

Gaining Weight

Prolonged sitting is one of the most common reasons for weight gain in the body. This is because it affects your digestive system, causing an accumulation of fats in the body. You are hardly able to burn fats which is comparatively much less than what you accumulate daily. Even obesity is also linked with heart problems and diabetes. So, sitting not just affects one thing but the entire mechanism of the body.

Back Pain Issues

Long sitting sessions also cause back pains as continual sitting puts stress on the back muscles, spine, and neck causing stiffness or misalignments, especially when you are practicing poor sitting postures. 


Sitting for long hours is one of the obvious reasons for anxiety among people. Constantly spending them with screens, disconnects you from your surroundings, making you feel more isolated and anxious. 

You need to adopt a healthy lifestyle to save yourself from numerous chronic health issues. You should move regularly, schedule active breaks, and prioritize exercise in your life. If you wish to correct the misalignment of your spine or reduce the stiffness of your muscles then you can also get a chiropractic treatment from Sheets Chiropractic. Learn more about it from Sheets Chiropractic Center.