Extremity adjusting, a chiropractic approach typically associated with spinal care, extends its benefits to other joints within your body. Surprisingly, almost every joint in your skeletal system is susceptible to fixations that may hinder proper function and limit your range of motion. These include the wrist, jaw, shoulder, elbow, hip, and ankle.

For instance, carpal tunnel syndrome, often linked to the compression of the median nerve within the wrist ligaments, can frequently stem from misalignments in the neck, shoulder, elbow, or wrist joints. Identifying these affected joints and initiating a chiropractic care program can potentially mitigate the need for surgery, addressing the root cause and alleviating symptoms.

While spinal issues are commonly associated with various health concerns, it’s important to recognize that other joints in the body can also contribute to discomfort. Employing chiropractic techniques for extremity adjusting holds promise in enhancing the range of motion and alleviating painful inflammation without resorting to medications or surgical interventions.

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