Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) stands as an innovative therapeutic approach using adhesive electrodes placed strategically on specific muscle groups affected by pain and inflammation. This electrotherapy technique harnesses a specialized electrical current to stimulate targeted muscles, aiding in their rehabilitation and relief.

Through precisely positioned electrode pads, EMS administers low-level electrical currents that initiate controlled and rhythmic contractions within the muscles.

Many Different Types

EMS encompasses an array of electrical stimulation variations, each serving distinct functions:

  • Low Volt: Eases muscle spasms and relieves pain.
  • High Volt Galvanic: Reduces muscle spasms.
  • Russian Stimulation: Aids in muscle strengthening.
  • Interferential: Reduces pain and inflammation.
  • Iontophoresis: Technique for pain and swelling reduction.
  • Micro Current: Boosts cellular metabolism for improved healing.

Our approach to EMS involves a meticulous assessment to identify the most suitable technique tailored to address your specific clinical condition and needs effectively.

Experiencing EMS:

Initially, patients may sense a slight tingling sensation upon the initiation of electrical impulses. These impulses replicate natural nervous system signals, prompting controlled muscle contractions. As your body acclimates to this therapeutic muscle stimulation, our experts may gradually and precisely adjust the treatment’s intensity throughout the 10- to 20- minute session. This incremental modulation ensures that the therapy maximizes its effectiveness while maintaining your comfort and safety.

At our facility, the goal of EMS therapy extends beyond mere relief; it aims to enhance the healing process, improve muscle function, and alleviate discomfort effectively. Speak to our professionals to explore how EMS can contribute to your rehabilitation and well-being.