Pregnancy is often not immediately associated with chiropractic care. Yet, there exist four pivotal stages during which maintaining an optimally functioning nervous system can profoundly benefit both the mother and the child.


The Pre-Conception stage involves preparing the body through chiropractic care to ensure it’s robust, flexible, and balanced, setting the stage for a healthy and successful pregnancy.

Throughout the pregnancy journey, regular chiropractic care becomes appealing to expectant mothers who seek a natural approach to enhancing their overall health. It assists in maintaining pelvic balance, reducing potential discomfort associated with a growing belly, and optimizing nervous system function.

Labor and Birth

During labor and birth, chiropractic adjustments can help ensure proper biomechanics of the hips and spine. This support aims to reduce the need for interventions during the birthing process, allowing for a more natural and smoother delivery.

After Birth

Post-birth, even in cases of natural births, the baby’s spine may experience stress. Addressing any subluxations becomes crucial as they can affect the baby’s comfort, particularly when nursing. Proper adjustments after birth can aid in restoring spinal alignment, facilitating the baby’s comfort and ease of movement.

At our facility, we specialize in gentle and safe chiropractic approaches, prioritizing your comfort and safety throughout the process. Our methods are specifically tailored to ensure a secure and comfortable experience for both you and your child. Relax and entrust your journey into motherhood to us, where our dedicated chiropractic care provides a supportive environment for a healthier and more comfortable pregnancy and postpartum experience.

Can chiropractic adjustments cause discomfort to my baby?

Certainly not. It’s a common worry for parents who mistakenly believe that their child will undergo adjustments similar to their own. Adjusting techniques are tailored for each individual’s size and specific spinal issue. Additionally, an infant’s spine typically lacks the prolonged muscle tightness commonly observed in adults. As a result, the energy required to adjust a child’s spine is considerably less compared to that needed for an adult.

Could chiropractic adjustments excessively loosen my spine?

Incorrect. Adjustments are exclusively provided to spinal joints that are deemed “locked up.” This targeted approach permits weakened muscles and ligaments to stabilize and undergo the healing process.

Given that pregnancy is a natural process, why might chiropractic care be necessary?

The act of being born is a natural occurrence. However, the way we’ve altered the birth process has raised concerns. In hospital settings, childbirth is sometimes handled as if it were an illness. The initial moments for a newborn can involve drastic changes in temperature, loud noises, and other insensitive practices. The use of drugs and anesthesia during childbirth can significantly impact a newborn’s experience.

Would my medical doctor endorse chiropractic care during pregnancy?

You don’t require permission to seek a chiropractic opinion regarding your child’s health concerns! Consulting another healthcare professional can be valuable in making informed decisions. Medical practitioners staying updated on current pediatric chiropractic research are beginning to recognize the benefits of this natural, medication-free approach for enhancing overall health.

What connection exists between my spine and the well-being of my baby?

Pregnancy presents an opportune time to consider chiropractic care! While maintaining an optimally functioning nervous system is beneficial at all times, it holds particular advantages during pregnancy. Both the mother and baby can experience positive outcomes from chiropractic adjustments. The methods used are tailored to suit the mother’s size, weight, and specific condition. Given the changes in weight and hormones during this period, many mothers opt for chiropractic care. Some even report having shorter and more comfortable birthing experiences as a result.